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Employers should ensure they are supporting all mandatory requirements

These include:

  • 20% off the job training (details of how this can be met are covered in The Apprenticeship Handbook)
  • Maths and English training via Functional Skills (if not already achieved by your appointed learner)
  • The full employment of the apprentice(s) (on PAYE) and in line with minimum wage rates (see here for more guidance).
  • That you hold or will obtain public liability and employer liability insurance
  • That you will work with the college to cooperate with all mandatory contracts and funding requirements to enable the successful completion of the Apprenticeship(s)
  • That all employment offers made to apprentices are conditional until the college curriculum interview process has taken place and we final approve them for the programme.

Please also ensure that you familiarise yourself with the Employer Funding Rules and Regulations.