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Welcome to IT Services

This information is for the staff, students and visitors to Chichester College Group sites.

System Status [Edited 22/10/2023]



Planned Maintenance / Additional Info

CCG Microsoft 365 & connected services
 No Reported Issues  Last planned maintenance was 20th Oct 2023, when login links to Microsoft 365 were updated (e.g. Outlook email).
Please click here for the new links.
 Chichester Campus  No Reported Issues 

Crawley Campus  No Reported Issues 

 Worthing Campus  No Reported Issues   
Brinsbury Campus  No Reported Issues 
Haywards Heath Campus No Reported Issues 
 Pelham Campus Brighton No Reported Issues    
 East Campus Brighton No Reported Issues     
Shoreham Campus   No Reported Issues  
Broadwater Campus Worthing  No Reported Issues  
West Durrington Campus Worthing  No Reported Issues  
If you're having issues with Microsoft 365 click the link below for help.

staff and student links

Contacting us

Helpdesk email:





 Chichester College E block E12 08:00 to 17:00 (Fri 16:30) 01243 532500 (opt. 1)
Crawley College Room PR2 08:30 to 17:00 (Fri 16.30) 01243 532500 (opt. 2)
 Worthing College Room G58 08:00 to 17:00 (Fri 16.30) 01243 532500 (opt. 3)
Brinsbury College Courtyard 08:00 to 16:00 Tuesdays 01243 532500 (opt. 1)
 Haywards Heath College Room SF20b 08:30 to 17:00 (Fri 16.30) 01444 711929 (ext. 3929)
 Brighton Pelham Campus  Room: PT7.02 08:30 -16:30 (Fri 16:00)  01273 667788 ext: 2580 
 Brighton East Campus  NA Technician on site as required  01273 667788 ext: 2580 
Worthing Broadwater  Room: R5   8:30 -16:30 (Fri 16:00) 01903 273714
M: 07740488577 
 Worthing West Durrington Room: 249  8:30 -16:30 (Fri 16:00)  01903 273215  
 Shoreham NA  Technician on site as required  01903 273060 

Reporting a Fault

To report a problem with computer, telephone or A/V equipment please see the "Contacting us" section.

For best results please:

- Enter a descriptive Title, Subject and Room Location for the request or fault.
- Enter a full Description. You can attach a screenshot of any error messages. Remember to include your phone number if you want us to call you back.
- Include the Asset Number of the computer (this is marked on the computer, where it says ‘College Property PO19 1SB.’

PC Asset Number

Problem Steps Recorder

For problems that are difficult to explain you can use the Problem Steps Recorder to record your screen to show us the problem happening:
Click on the Windows key and type PSR then press the ENTER key.
Click the START RECORD button and begin replicating the problem. PSR will automatically take screenshots and record what you type and click on. 
Click STOP RECORD when you’ve replicated the problem.

High Priority

We prioritise calls.  If a fault is stopping you delivering lessons then we will do our best to help.

Help Us Help You (by reporting faults)

IT Services do routine inspections of rooms and equipment but we need to hear from you if something is amiss.  Please do not presume someone else has reported it, we would rather have more than report than none.

Fix Me notes on computers

Self help

  • Have you entered your login name correctly?
    For Office 365 login, this should be your College email address (systems other than Office 365 may require just loginname, i.e. just the bit before the @ symbol).

  • Is CAPS lock on?
    Your password is case sensitive.

  • Does your account say it’s LOCKED?
    This happens when you enter your password incorrectly too many times, or if you have recently changed your password but have not updated in your EduROAM WiFI setting on your mobile device (it will keep trying to log in with your old password until you update your EduROAM setting).

    Please contact the IT Helpdesk who can unlock your account for you, and can also assist if you are unsure how  to update your password for EduROAM WiFi on your mobile device.

  • Are you trying to login to the VPN?
    Access to the VPN has changed.  You must select the Single Sign-On option on the web access, or ensure that you have an up-to-date version of the VPN client and are have created a VPN connection with the "Enable Sign Sign On (SSO) for VPN Tunnel" option ticked.  You then login with your email address and password.

 If you still can't log in

  • If you are a student, try resetting your password now

    Click here
    to reset a forgotten password now.

    NB: You can only reset a forgotten password if you have previously set your security questions.  We recommend that you set your security questions as soon as you can, so that you can reset a forgotten password yourself without assistance later.
  • If you didn't set your security questions, or aren't a student
    Contact the IT Helpdesk for your campus using the contact information on this page. 

  • I can't see a Shared Calendar I should have access to, or see a calendar someone else in CCG has shared with me

    If you can't see a Shared Calendar), click here to follow Microsoft's guide on how to open and add a missing shared calendar.
    If another user shared the calendar with you and it is no longer visible, ask them to try re-sharing it with you.

  • I (or attendees I invited) have a duplicate calendar appointment or Teams meeting

    This can happen when the original meeting invite was sent to/from Worthing College and another CCG College before 26th July 2021 and is subsequently updated by the organiser, including re-occurring meetings.

    Q: How do I resolve this?

    A: If you are the calendar appointment or Teams meeting organiser, we recommend that you append ‘UPDATE #1’, ‘UPDATE #2’ or similar to the subject line, to ensure attendees can easily identify and delete an original out-of-date meeting and keep the updated meeting.  

    A: If you are the attendee and it is not clear which is the correct meeting, please clarify with the meeting organiser before deleting either of the duplicate meetings from your calendar. 

    You will be able to identify the updated meeting if the organiser updated the subject line when sending a meeting update (e.g. 'Project Meeting UPDATE #1').   If not, you may still be able to identify the outdated meeting as you will not have accepted the new meeting invite, and additionally the older meeting may show the organiser’s name as on on the appointment, where the new invite will show it as 'firstname lastname''.

    Q: Will my Teams Meeting link still work if the organiser does not send an update?

    A: Yes, when the organiser is a non-Worthing College user in CCG and has invited Worthing College users as attendees.

    A:  Unconfirmed, when the organiser is a Worthing College user and attendees are non-Worthing users in CCG.  It should work but please be prepared for if it does not.  For an important meeting, we recommend that the organiser send an updated meeting invite (with a subject line note appended as above).

Staff and students can find self-help, training videos, and step-by-step 'how to' guides in the following places:

  • Help & training in the Teams app
    Click '( ? ) Help' in the bottom left corner of the Teams app, and then select Topics, Training or What's New

  • Download the Teams Guide for Education (PDF)
    We recommend that you at least download this guide, as it will to give you a simple and easy to understand overview of the Teams app, sections within the app, and key features. 
    Download here: 

  • Microsoft Teams Help & Learning Support Portal
    You can find more help & learning from Microsoft Support here: Microsoft Teams help & learning

Additional information for curriculum staff only:

You can find additional resources specifically tailored to educators using Microsoft Teams here:

Below is a list of all helpful functions you can use on College telephones on the Chichester, Brinsbury and Haywards Heath sites:
(in all these examples xxxx means the extension number you enter):

Transfer a Call
Press the RECALL button, then xxxx and hang up.
(Digital Phones) Press the INQUIRY button, then xxxx and press the TRANSFER button.

Press the RECALL button, then xxxx and press 2 to return to a call.
(Digital Phones) Press the INQUIRY button then xxxx and press INQUIRY to return to a call.

Divert Phone (Follow Me)
Press * 2 * xxxx #

Remove Divert
Press # 2 #

Remove Divert from Answer Point
Press # 2 * xxxx #

Enable Internal Call Back Feature
Press 6

Disable Internal Call Back Feature
Press # 6 #

Pick Up a Ringing Extension (group member)
Press 8

Pick up a Ringing Extension (not group member)
Press xxxx 8

Exit Hunt Group
Press * 2 * xxxx #

Re-join Hunt Group
Press # 2 #

Last number Re-dial
Press the REDIAL button.

Last External Number Re-dial
Press * * *

Initiate Conference Call
While in a normal phone conversation, to invite another party (up to 8 parties): Press the RECALL button then xxxx, wait for an answer and press 3.

Program Speed Dial Numbers
Press * 51 * y * xxxx #
(where y is the digit on the keypad (0-9) where you wish to store a phone number and xxxx is any phone number, internal or external. External numbers require the access code 9)

To Use Speed Dial Numbers
Press * * y
(where y is a digit on the keypad (0-9) which has stored a number)

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Whilst connected to the Eduroam network

NB: lease ensure you select the correct type of device and follow the instructions

We will be answering your frequently asked questions in this list.

Student FAQs
Student IT Services Frequently Asked Questions

A complete list Student FAQs for Chichester and Brinsbury students:
log in to CCG Online
click the LEARNING RESOURCES button 

Use the EDUROAM network.

Chichester and Brinsbury Identity:
Haywards Heath Identity:
Crawley Identity:
Worthing Identity:

Your usual password

On some versions of ANDROID you may need to add...
EAP method: PEAP
Phase-2 authentication: MSCHAPv2
Certificate: Do no certificate or validate.
Anonymous Identity: Leave blank.

Your email identity:
Chichester and Brinsbury:
Haywards Heath:

Your usual password

Log in to CCG Online and click the EMAIL button or
type into any web browser or or

The ‘WAFFLE’ button (in the top-left of your email) will take you to Teams, online versions of Office software and your OneDrive cloud.


The cloud is the best place to save your work:
Safer than a memory stick.
Mobile app for any device.
1000 gigabytes of space.


They are easily lost or damaged and they are sensitive to dust, moisture and temperature.
Always save your work to somewhere safe as well.

See also 'Printing from mobile devices on campus' above.

ChichesterBrinsbury and Worthing students:
Send your prints to: 'FOLLOW ME PRINTING'
Log in to any printer to release prints.

A4 Black and White 1p
A4 Colour 6p
A3 Black and White 2p
A3 Colour 12p
Scanning is Free.
All students begin with £1 print credit.

Print Credit can be topped up at the machine in the Open Access Centre in E Block.
Log in with your usual username and password.
Insert 10p, 20p, 50p, £1 or £2 coins. 
The print credit machine does not give change and does not take cards.

You can make a digital payment from a bank card.
Click on the green print credit icon on your desktop to make a payment or visit the Papercut website:

Haywards Heath students:
Send your prints to: 'FOLLOW ME PRINTING'
Log in to any printer to release prints.

A4 Black and White 1p
A4 Colour 6p
A3 Black and White 2p
A3 Colour 12p
Scanning is Free.
All students get £1 print credit every year.

You can make a digital payment from a bank card.
Click on the green print credit icon on your desktop to make a payment or visit the Papercut website.

To print from a mobile device:
You must be joined to our EDUROAM Wi-Fi.
Go to this address. http://chiprintmob.chi.local:9163/setup 
Follow the instructions and when prompted enter your college username and password.
Print any file or document from your device and collect from any copier.

Crawley students:
Send your prints to: 'FOLLOW ME PRINTING'
Log in to any printer to release prints.

A4 Black and White 1p
A4 Colour 6p
A3 Black and White 2p
A3 Colour 12p
Scanning is Free.
All students begin with £3.50 print credit.

Print Credit can be topped up in the IT Office PR2 (cash payments only) or the Finance Office (card and cash payments).


Check the Printer Properties are set to Colour or Black and White before you press the print button.
If only part of your document is in Colour, you can choose to print some pages in Colour and some in Black and White.
Check for blank pages at the end of your document; you will be charged for all the pages you print.


Chichester College Group offers you a free download of the complete Microsoft Office 365 software: WORD, POWER POINT, PUBLISHER, OUTLOOK, EXCEL, ACCESS, ONE NOTE, etc.

Log in to your College online email, Teams or OneDrive,
click the ‘WAFFLE’ button (top-left) and choose OFFICE 365 
then click the INSTALL OFFICE button.


Go to
Log in using your student email address and your usual password then click INSTALL.


Open the App Store on your device 
and search for Office Mobile (published by Microsoft).

For more information go to

Notes: Install OFFICE 365 on up to five devices. The software will remain licensed while you remain enrolled as a student. To remain licensed you must connect your device to the internet at least once every 30 days. The software is solely for your own use as a Chichester College student for your academic work. The license is not transferable and it must not be shared with anyone.