Skills Development Fund

Skills Development Fund

Led by Chichester College Group, a consortium of eight college groups, further education colleges and sixth form colleges across East and West Sussex and Brighton & Hove are working together to boost skills training in sustainable industries.

The consortium, managed by FE Sussex, has been awarded more than £7million of funding as part of the Department for Education’s Strategic Development Fund to deliver five projects all focused on green technology.

Alternative energies and hydrogen technology

Chichester College Group is leading the development and implementation of a multi-strand curriculum for the teaching of alternative energy sources and resources, with a focus on hydrogen technology.

This programme will explore solutions to the increased use of hydrogen as a sustainable fuel source at Crawley College and Chichester College (where there will be a focus on hydrogen vehicles). It will be embedded into full-time courses across motor vehicle and construction industries.

The region hosts a number of significant UK and global leaders in alternative energy technologies, and this training will help to ensure the area is producing a work force ready to support these industries.

Green technology for land management and production

Working with Plumpton College, Brinsbury College will embed training in land-based sustainability into the curriculum programmes offered to agriculture and horticulture students, helping to transition land management towards the zero carbon agenda.

Electric Vehicle Technology

Chichester College and Crawley College will deliver training developed by GB Met College. This ambitious project will establish five hybrid and electric vehicle training centres of excellence across the region, equipping students, apprentices and commercial clients with the skills they need in the changing landscape of the industry.

Decarbonisation Academies

Led by East Sussex Colleges Group, Chichester College and Crawley College will host two of the five centres of excellence for the teaching of de-carbonisation within the construction industry.

Developing Carbon Literacy

Led by BHASVIC, a short carbon literacy course will be developed and delivered to students at Chichester College to provide additional knowledge of carbon literacy.

Greener Sussex

Greener Sussex is a collaborative project funded by the Department for Education Skills Accelerator to improve local skills training in green industry and technology.

Working in partnership with colleges across Sussex, above five projects have been designed to address the training needs of employers, ensuring we are at the fore of developing and teaching the green curriculum of tomorrow.

Find out more about the Skills Development Fund on the Greener Sussex website:

Greener Sussex

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21/07/2021: A consortium of Sussex colleges is to receive more than £7million funding, as part of the Department for Education’s Strategic Development Fund.

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