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Changing more lives through learning in Kenya

23 September 2022

More than 20 Chichester College Group (CCG) students and staff spent an emotional fortnight in Kenya.

The group – a mix of staff members, students and former students – gave up time during the summer break to travel to The Walk Centre in Nakuru, where they took on a variety of jobs – from maintenance work to teaching groups of pupils.

The college group has been working with African Adventures for more than a decade to support the running of The Walk Centre as well as the opening of a school at the centre.

Led by efforts initially at Chichester College, around £100,000 has been raised to build and expand school facilities – and the college group has sent volunteers to the centre every summer since 2011 (with the exception of 2020 and 2021, when international travel was impacted by the Covid-19 pandemic).

Since travel to Kenya reopened, some staff members have made their own personal pilgrimages to the centre and a small group travelled to Nakuru in the spring – but this past summer saw the first large group from CCG in more than two years make the journey accompanied by donations of school supplies, clothing and other essential items.

Lisa Humphries, Associate Principal for Students & Customers at CCG, has spearheaded the group’s involvement in the project since the start.

She said: “This was my 12th trip to Nakuru and the team at the Walk Centre are very much like my second family, so it always feels a bit like going home for me.

“The effect of the pandemic has been enormous – they rely so much on the volunteers who help to maintain the school and they are still recovering from that. There was a lot of work to do, but the group was fantastic – everyone got stuck into the work that needed doing.

“From painting classrooms to teaching the students, it was fantastic to see everyone getting involved and the pupils enjoying spending time with us – they always teach us a lot in return.

“They’ve been making amazing progress with their studies – something we take for granted, but without The Walk Centre many of these children wouldn’t be able to get an education or even a decent meal. It makes such a difference to their lives, and it gives them an opportunity to do more than just survive.

“We’re extremely privileged to be a part of The Walk Centre and a part of those young people’s lives.”

CCG is now planning it’s next trip, to take place in summer 2023.Fundraising for the centre continues and the group are seeking donations of clothing, shoes and school uniforms to take out to the school, as well as sponsorship. To get involved, please contact